Wakeboard Lessons at Wake Nation

Wake Nation is Ohio’s premier wakeboarding school and cable park. We offer wakeboard lessons, wakesurf lessons, and wakeboard camps with our award-winning instructors.

Know anyone that quit snowboarding after a single try? We sure do, and we are here to say that when it comes to our favorite water sport, it won’t happen on our watch! With students of all skill levels, ranging from ages 3 to 84 (no kidding), all you need is a willing attitude, and we’ll handle the rest.

At Wake Nation, we provide wakeboard lessons on the boat and on our cable systems for all skill levels – from your very first time, all the way up to planning your next contest run. We have no preference what tool we use to teach, however, unless you are at the point where you are ready to jump the wake (a one wake jump or above), or learning to wakesurf, you will benefit much more from a cable lesson. The learning curve is substantially reduced and there is no faster, better, or safer way to learn. Nearly all first-timers and children under the age of 10 learn on the two-tower cable system. A typical first-time lesson will take 1 hour per person. For children under the age of 10, we’ll help you plan ahead to ensure the weather is warm so it’s a perfect first-time experience!

For additional information, or to make a reservation, call (513) 887-9253 or email us through our contact page.

Pricing Note: These prices reflect our every day retail prices. To get the ultimate insider discounts, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter (links at the bottom of any page on our website). Turn on your notifications and be ready to act fast! Specials, deals, and fun contests come and go in a flash and that’s the only place you’ll ever see them! Don’t be surprised if your next visit or activity is substantially discounted, or even free! No kidding.

Cable Lessons
Private 1 Hour Cable Lesson $99

A private, one on one cable lesson is perfect for that never-ever/first-time rider that is just starting out, or anyone needing to brush up on their wake skills. This lesson is also great for advanced riders learning jumps and features, and show-stopping air tricks. With a proven teaching program and the latest in 2-way helmets microphones/speakers, we’ll have you shredding in minutes, and have you smiling the entire time. Includes equipment. To avoid disappointment, reservations are highly encouraged.

Private 2 Hour Cable Lesson $179
An extended private cable lesson that is perfect for groups of 2 or 3. Includes equipment. To avoid disappointment, reservations are highly encouraged.

Main Cable 101 Lesson (Aka: Start & Turn Lesson) $69
If you already know how to wakeboard, and want to learn to shred on the main cable, this is the lesson for you. After your lesson, you’ll continue to shred and practice for 2 additional hours during our daily practice sessions. At $9 more than a 2 hour ticket and rental, this lesson is a no-brainer. 

The 101 lesson on our main cable is comprised of a 1 hour lesson, with a 2 hour additional ride session. This lesson is only offered one hour before we open to the public (mostly weekends), and we have a capacity of 6. This is the next step for those that already know how to ride and control their wakeboard on a boat or 2 tower cable. It’s also a great refresher for those that haven’t ridden the main cable in some time, or have unsuccessfully tried cable wakeboarding in the past. During the lesson, we slow the main cable down so we can safely, quickly, and easily teach you how to start off the main dock, and also make the turns throughout the main cable course. Once you have a few starts under your belt, and are confidently shredding, you can continue to ride and practice for 2 hours additional hours. During our practice sessions (daily, the first 2 hours of operations), we continue to run the cable slower so you can continue to practice the skills you learned in the lesson, while speeding up your overall learning curve. Includes equipment. Reservations are required.

*Once you can safely ride the main cable, you can simply show up and shred whenever you like, no additional reservations or lessons are needed. Although it’s not required, we suggest you ride during our practice sessions the next 2 or 3 visits to ensure you have a great experience and build your confidence at slower speeds. 

The Zero to Hero Package $299
The Zero to Hero package is designed to take you from your current skill level to ABSOLUTE SHREDDER by the end of the Summer. At a radical savings off our retail prices (these items would cost you approximately $600 to buy incrementally) our goal is to get you SHREDDING and build confidence quickly! All lessons must be completed by the end of the season. Includes equipment. Same reservation policies apply to each lesson, however ride sessions do not require a reservation. This package includes:

  • Three (3) Private 1-Hour Cable Lessons
  • One (1) 1-Hour Main Cable 101 / Start & Turn Lesson
  • Three (3) 2-Hour Cable Ride Sessions (It’s not required, but it’s best to ride/progress during our practice sessions.)
  • All Rental Equipment
  • Bonus All Day Aqua Park/Slide Ticket Upon Graduation
  • Bonus T-Shirt Upon Graduation

Boat Lessons
Private 1 Hour Boat Lesson $139
A private, one on one boat lesson is perfect for that first-timer/never-ever wakesurfer, or that wakeboarder wanting to learn tricks (a one wake jump or above). Our private boat location is 10 minutes from our cable park. Includes equipment. Reservations are required.

Private 2 Hour Boat Lesson $269
An extended boat lesson that is good for groups of 2, or anyone with a ton of energy to burn. Includes equipment. Reservations are required.

Lessons on Your Boat $69/Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Wake Nation instructors can come to your location too! Whatever you are working on, and whatever the size of the group, we’ll get you shredding in no time, and likely have a hand free to snap some great pictures and videos! To cover the cost of payroll and/or fuel, we charge a nominal fee of $25/hour drive time, in addition to the lesson time. Let us know if you need equipment. Reservations are required.

Trampoline Lessons
Private 1 Hour Trampoline Lesson $29
If you are working on your first inverts or spins, a great step is to learn them on the trampoline and master them before attempting on the water. Not only is this safer, but it speeds up the learning curve – especially for “tech” tricks, multiple handle passes, and mobe variations. Or just have some fun for an hour and bounce to the moon! Includes trampoline socks. To avoid disappointment, reservations are highly encouraged.

For additional information, or to make a reservation, call (513) 887-9253 or email us through our contact page.