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2023 Calendar of Operations & Hours

See social media for real time updates regarding any/all temporary, mechanical, or weather-related changes to our calendar. Links to our Instagram and Facebook accounts are at the bottom of any page on this website. Don’t see a post regarding a temporary closure? We’re open as usual. 

All operations, hours, and activities are subject to weather and/or changes by management.

*Last official day for the aqua park was 9/3.

September 4 – October 1
Late Season

Closed Monday-Friday* (Including all Holidays)

Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 5pm
*Last official day for the cable is Sunday, October 1st 

*Check social media for night sessions and other bonus days and hours.

*Passholder Only Bonus Hours: Saturday-Sunday, 5pm to 6pm

October 1 – End of Season
Possible Extended Season for Passholders Only

Closed Monday-Friday*

Saturday-Sunday 1pm to 4pm*

*No slow cable. Check social media for additional bonus days and hours.

2023 Camp Dates


This summer camp calendar is updated often. It’s never a bad idea to refresh your browser to ensure you are looking at the latest information. All summer camps are open to all skill levels. No experience is necessary. 

Summer Camps
The #1 Summer Camp! See Cincinnati Summer Camps for camp details. 

Session 1: June 5-8

Session 2: June 12-15

Session 3: June 19-22

Session 4: June 26-29

Session 5: July 10-13

Session 6: July 17-20

Session 7: July 24-27

Session 8: July 31-August 3

Session 9: August 7-10


Family Camps
Fun for the whole family! See Cincinnati Summer Camps for camp details. 


Family Camp Session 1: July 1-2
(This session may extend until the 4th. Ask about details.)

Family Camp Session 2: September 2-4


Adult Camps
Fun isn’t just for kids! See Cincinnati Summer Camps for camp details. 

No Dates Set for 2023. Check back often. 

Contests & Events

Summer Camper Contest (Who learned the most?)

Kicker Contests (Bigger, Higher, Cooler, Closest to Mark)

Cable Wake Contests (For Individuals & Teams)

Camp Outs (Enjoy the Slide & Possible Night Riding)

Spin Clinic (Master Your 180’s, 360’s, and/or Blind Landings)

Invert Clinic (Kicker & Cable)

Air Trick Clinic (Learn to get BOOSTED!)

Slow Ride Session Hours

Slow ride sessions (slower speeds) on our main cable are offered daily until 2pm. 

Our slow ride sessions are always the best time to ride for beginners, those that need to brush up on their skills, those coming from the boat, or those working on the various starting methods on the main cable. During this time, we operate the main cable a little slower to assist with the learning curve. Slower speeds make learning easy during those first few ride sessions!

See our Cincinnati Cable Park page for additional details. 

Main Cable 201 Lesson Times

For those that already know how to wakeboard and want to try the cable, our Main Cable 201 lessons are the next step or lesson for you. Available by reservation only, these are most often conducted one (1) hour prior to opening each day, Friday through Sunday. Select lessons are also available on weekday evenings. 

See our Cincinnati Wakeboard Lessons page for additional details. 

Severe Weather & Any Change to Calendar - Check Social Media

Any temporary closure, for any reason, is always posted and updated regularly on our social media accounts – often in real time. Links are at the bottom of any page on this website. If you do not see a post regarding a temporary closure, we are open as usual. You can also check our live webcam during normal business hours.